Most Loved Vehicles in America List Include 7 Chrysler Group Models

2014 Dodge Challenger

Emotions run strong when it comes to describing the vehicle you drive around every day, and when it’s time to buy a new model, it can be helpful to hear whether other people loved or hated the car you’re considering. That’s why Strategic Vision has measured how drivers feel about their rides, asking car buyers to rate their vehicle on a scale from 1 (Hate It) to 7 (Love It). Each vehicle was then given a Love Score up to a top score of 1,000, with the highest-rated vehicle in each category being named to the Most Loved Vehicles in America list. Unsurprisingly, seven Chrysler Group models made the list, topping their respective segments: 


Category Model Love Score
Small Car Dodge Dart 587
Full-Size Car Dodge Charger 684
Specialty Coupe Dodge Challenger 702
Full-Size Pickup Ram 1500 582
Heavy Duty Pickup Ram 2500/3500 521
Mid-Size SUV Dodge Durango 581
Mid-Size SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee 580

How would you rate your new Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep or Ram on the Love Scale? Leave us a message below!

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