Jun 13

Enjoy New Hampshire’s Class VI Roads in Your Jeep This Summer

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

As the weather gets warmer and summer finally springs into action this year, off-roading trails become accessible again. By the time the snow and mud are gone, New Hampshire Jeep enthusiasts are itching to get outside and make the most out of their favorite locations. One of the advantages of the Granite State is the network of Class VI roads available for off-road drivers. Perhaps you already know a few of these, but there are always new places to discover.

Class VI roads are those that have fallen into disrepair and not been maintained for five years or more, so they are not suitable for general traffic. Many Class VI roads, however, are open for off-road and ATV drivers, as those are the only vehicles capable of tackling the roads in their current condition. That makes them a very attractive proposition for Jeep drivers who want to test how their vehicles perform on rugged terrain without disrupting protected nature areas.

The best way to find out about New Hampshire’s Class VI roads is to join a club or a forum such as ExploringNH.com. Sign up for their MappingNH project and you will get access to interactive maps of about 2,300 Class VI roads in New Hampshire. Maps include additional useful guidance for Jeep drivers, like trail difficulty ratings and existing obstacles along the route.

This is also the best time to buy a new Jeep or trade up to one of the 2014 Jeep models available at our Jeep dealership in New Hampshire. You won’t have to wait to start having fun off-roading this summer!