Jeep and Mopar Create Amazing 2016 Easter Safari Concepts

Jeep Easter Safari conceptsIt’s that time of year again — time for the annual Jeep Easter Safari! Jeep lovers from all over the country come together in the Moab desert to celebrate their love of off-roading and off-road vehicles. As they do annually, Jeep and Mopar teamed up to bring some fun concept vehicles to the Safari. This year is particularly special, as it’s both Jeep’s 50th anniversary and the 75th anniversary of the Easter Safari, which means that this year’s concept vehicle designs dialed things up an extra notch, and we think you’ll be excited to see them.

Check out our overview of the seven cars below, and come on down to our Jeep dealership near Concord, NH, to test-drive an off-road-ready Jeep for yourself!

1. The Jeep Crew Chief 715

The Jeep Crew Chief is a military homage meant to honor classic Jeep vehicles such as the Kaiser M715. It boasts an aircraft-inspired control center.

Jeep® Crew Chief 715 Concept


2. The Jeep Shortcut

This eye-catching Wrangler mod is a throwback to the 1950s, with its “shortened body and functional simplicity.” It features leather-and-plaid bucket seats and red wheel flares.

Jeep® Shortcut Concept


3. The Jeep Renegade Commander

This souped-up Jeep Renegade has everything you need to take it on the ultimate off-road adventure. On its hood is a custom Mopar decal.

Jeep® Renegade Commander Concept


 4. The Jeep Comanche

Somewhere in between a Renegade and a pickup, this military-inspired Jeep vehicle features “Beige Against the Machine” concept exterior paint and a ready-for-anything feel.

Jeep® Comanche Concept


5. The Jeep FC 150

Unlike any Wrangler you’ve ever seen before, the FC 150 hearkens back to the 60s. It’s “built to tackle both challenging rocky trails and the harshness of a western cattle ranch.”

Jeep® FC 150 Heritage Concept


6. The Jeep Trailcat

This is one Wrangler that’s sure to catch eyes wherever it goes. It borrows a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI® Hellcat V-8 engine from the Dodge lineup for the ultimate ride.

Jeep® Trailcat Concept


7. The Jeep Trailstorm

With room for extra gear and even extra fuel tanks, the Trailstorm will take on any adventure that comes your way. Its half doors make it easy for you to see what’s on the road.

Jeep® Trailstorm Concept

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