Apr 17

Dodge Charger and Challenger Star in New Syfy Show and Game

Dodge Charger Syfy Network Defiance

If you’re a fan of science fiction, chances are you were tuned in to the debut of the Syfy network’s latest offering, “Defiance.” We were watching to see the debut of the Dodge Charger, which takes a starring role in the series. Two Chargers sport some serious exterior modifications to fit into the new world of 2046, when aliens known as Votans have arrived on Earth. After the apocalyptic “Arkfall” event, which drastically changed the geography and wildlife on the planet, some humans and aliens band together, putting aside differences from the years of Pale Wars to survive. The Charger is driven by a main character, Nolan (played by Grant Bowler), who is a local law-keeper in the city of Defiance.

While the Dodge Charger brings its power and good looks to the TV screen, the Dodge Challenger is featured in the corresponding multiplayer online game. It’s the first time an online game and a TV show feature an interconnected world with integrated storylines. Things that happen in the show will be reflected in the game, and vice versa, creating a multilayered world that sci-fi fans can truly appreciate.

If you want to start planning for the coming alien invasion, check out our New Hampshire Dodge Charger dealership and drive one home today! We’ll be tuning in every week to watch the new show, so check back in for updates on the Charger’s performance.

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